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Chris English - Guitar, Vocal , Harp , Stomp Box

Chris English offers a combination of deep traditional blues and solid original material. Delta blues is his forte, singing, playing guitar and harp, stamping out the time on an old wooden coca cola crate. He uses vintage guitars from the 20's and '30's to replicate the sound and feeling of the blues he has studied and loves. Chris performs solo, as a duo and with a full band.

All of the CD recordings are live and have a mixture of original and traditional blues.


The most recent release in 2021 titled “At Groove City” is his fifth CD. Chris and Grayson English perform as a duo playing mostly original music and a couple of blues.


His 4th CD The Chris English Band titled "Howlin" So Long" released in 2017 is live upbeat album.


“Chris English 1/13/07" is his third CD. This is a live, solo, performance recorded in front of a n enthusiastic audience.


His second CD, "Lowdown in the House" was released in July 2004. This is a live, solo, performance of traditional blues and originals.


His first CD, recorded in 1996, "Live at the Avalon", is a combination of solo tracks and a three-piece band.

Performance / Lecture

Currently, Chris is teaching a course in Blues, that he created, at Salisbury University, Salisbury MD, titled "Blues, the Roots of Rock and Roll". This lecture course started in 2004 and includes live performances to demonstrate different styles of blues. It also explores the social and economic climate that shaped the folk music as well as the musicians that crafted it.

Grayson English - Bass

Grayson is a multi-instrumentalist and graduate from Salisbury University’s music department. He has been playing music with Chris since 2008. When he’s not performing, he works repairing instruments, and handcrafting guitar effects pedals. You can find his pedals at

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