Chris English with Brother Lowdown

“Live at the Avalon”    

Limited Re-Release

Watch the making of this Limited Re -Release
If you are interested in purchasing these CD's please email me.  $15 each . Shipping add $3

Recorded in 1996,released in 1999 and sold out somewhere around 2003.  


I toyed with the idea of re-releasing this over the years but between the mechanical licensing and printing cost I never went for it. I knew I could produce the digipak myself in our letterpress shop. When I came up with the idea of hinging the board with bookbinding tape Voila! I am doing this...


The art from the first pressing had not been returned by the manufacturer so I needed to basically start from scratch. I scanned one of the few remaining original copies and used that to make the inside photos. I used my wife’s logo for the band as a central image and had a cut made for the letterpress. This was combined with hand set type and finally foil stamping the corner  “Limited Re-Release”. The art for the CD also needed to be recreated in Photoshop. My simple project was getting out of hand!  Then a good friend suggested l sign and number each one (being this is a “Limited Re-Release”). Another step times 400!  Time to assemble, bag them up and shrink wrap. Yet another learning curve.


All in all, I love to make stuff and this project came out really beautiful but for all you musicians out there this should be a great example of how NOT to make money!

Been getting air play on

“Blues from the Red Rooster Lounge” !!!

This has been one of my favorite radio shows for decades and to  be included several times on the play list is really special for me!

Thank you, Cary Wolfson